12 Items to Try at Bashundhara City Food Court

Whether it be a large meal after an entire day of shopping or simply a casual hangout with friends and loved ones, food courts at shopping malls have been a major source of recreation for the consumers’ dining needs in the 21st century.

In Dhaka, the food court at Bashundhara City Shopping Mall has added a new dimension to the city’s food industry as it introduced itself as a first mover in this market. Here, the hungry customers can enjoy a variety of mouthwatering dishes and take-away snacks. I myself am fond of visiting this food court once in a while after watching a movie at the Cineplex nearby.

Below are the top 12 items (in no particular order) I think everyone should try at least once in this food court. Note that the names of the food stalls are not always mentioned as many of the stalls offer a very similar menu.

1. Beef Shindhu Biryani


Recommended Stall: Delhi Darbar

2. Grilled Octopus with Spring Onions


Recommended Stall: Seafood Cabana

3. Grilled Squid with Spring Onions


Recommended Stall: Seafood Cabana

4. Korean Spicy Noodles


Note: There’s only one Korean food stall in this food court which used to be Dae Jang Geum but now operates under a different name, the food tastes almost the same though as they use the same recipes.

5. Masala Dosa


6. Doi Fuchka


7. Mexican Chicken/ Steak Bowl


Recommended Stall: Taco Belle

8. Chhola Batora


9. Chicken Tika Masala


Recommended Stall: Dhakaiya

10. Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes


11. Spicy Crab Curry


Recommended Stall: Delhi Sea Food

12. Soft Ice Cream


Recommended Stall: Hello

Have a good meal…