24 Hour Halal Food Tour of Bangkok

It is a well known fact that Thai people eat 6 meals a day (at least) and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. The choices are abundant and wherever you go there’s something delicious on every street corner.

Being a Muslim, it might be difficult for you to pick and choose from the great variety of food available, to find something halal to eat every time you visit a foreign country.

Don’t worry! I’m here to help you build a halal food itinerary for 24 hours, which consists of 6 delicious meals in Bangkok.

#1 Breakfast at Black Box Cafe

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon, Salad and Orange Juice

Black Box is relatively new as a breakfast cafe. They offer a wide variety of breakfast set dishes. The inner décor is sleek and the smell around the cafe is appetizing.

What I was particularly fond of is their Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon. That’s exactly what I would recommend to anyone looking for a delicious English inspired, yet halal breakfast. This meal accompanied by Orange Juice will definitely be a perfect start to your day.

The best way to get there is to take the BTS to Phloen Chit station. Then it’s only a 4-5 minute walk. You can find it in your cell phone’s maps app.

Black Box Cafe

#2 Second Breakfast at BKK Bagel Bakery

New York Style Bagel with Salmon and Onions

Bangkok Bagel Bakery is a renowned breakfast cafe in Bangkok known for their New York Style Bagels. You get to choose your own type of bagel and top it with your favorite protein. I like my bagel covered in cheese spread with smoked salmon and onions on top.

Again, this is very close to Phloen Chit BTS station, so getting there won’t be that difficult.

[ Note: If you are wondering why I called it ‘Second Breakfast’ instead of brunch, I’m afraid you didn’t get the LOTR reference 😉 ]

#3 Lunch at Arabesque (Famous Halal Egyptian Restaurant)

Mutton and Potato Tagine

This famous authentic Egyptian restaurant is located at the end of Sukumvit Soi 2. You can take the BTS to Nana station and walk your way to the restaurant. The tagine I ordered (Shown above) consisted of amazingly tender mutton and potatoes. To complement the meat dish, I ordered some Egyptian Bread which were very large and ‘pillowy’.

Egyptian Bread

Along with a meat dish and Bread you can also have traditional Egyptian side dishes such as the Hummus which is a type of dip made from chickpeas, or Baba Ganoush which is a dish cooked with eggplants and onions.

For dessert, you can have their chef’s recommendation, which was, in my case a dish called Om Ali, an Egyptian Bread Pudding. This actually tastes a lot like one of my own country’s traditional sweet dish called ‘Shahi Tukra’.

Om Ali

#4 Afternoon Sweet Snacks in Chinatown

Chinatown Dessert
Khanom Buang in Yaowarat Road

The Chinese influenced dessert carts are extraordinary. I tried this particular snack called ‘Khanom Buang’ in Yaowarat Road. Khanom Buang is exactly like a taco, but instead of meat and veg the filling is made from coconut shavings and sweet coconut cream. These tasty treats cost about 20 baht per piece.

Chinatown Street Food (4)
Mango with Sticky Rice

Another well known Thai dessert you can find in Yaowarat Road is Mango served with Sticky Rice. The sticky rice which is boiled in a creamy coconut milk broth perfectly complements the fresh slices of ripe mango. The price varies from 60-100 baht per plate.

Yaowarat is located in the old part of Bangkok, so BTS isn’t an option. Therefore, the best way to get there is by Taxi.

#5 Supper at Thip Samai (Authentic Pad Thai Restaurant)

Thip Samai (1)
Pad Thai Wrapped in Egg

Thip Samai is the most famous Pad Thai restaurant in Bangkok. Pad Thai noodles is their national dish and extremely popular among both tourists and locals. It is basically a stir fried noodle dish made with vegetables, prawns, fish sauce and some other local ingredients. If you choose to eat one without prawns, they can also make you a vegetarian Pad Thai.

The way they stir fry the noodles and wrap it around the egg coating is a delight to watch (watch the video below). Watching them cook the dish is very appetizing and it is a part of the entire meal experience.

Every tuktuk and Taxi driver knows Thip Samai restaurant as it is a hot spot for tourists, so getting there won’t be much of a hassle.

#6 Dinner at a Street Side Seafood Restaurant

Som Restaurant (2)
Barramundi in a Boiling Lemon and Garlic Broth served with Rice

There are so many great seafood restaurants in Bangkok, it is hard to name one. The most famous ones are T&K Seafood, Somboon Seafood and Lek Seafood. However, feel free to walk around the streets at night and discover other great local seafood places, because they’re all amazing; in fact, I haven’t had a bad meal experience in any seafood place in Bangkok so far.