4 Best Places to Eat Lasagna in Dhaka

Lasagna is probably one of the oldest forms of pasta in the world. I first heard of this meat and cheese filled delight from the cartoon ‘Garfield’. I was never a big fan of the show but the way Garfield’s love for lasagne was portrayed, made me want to try it.

Fun Fact: ‘Lasagne’ is the plural form of ‘Lasagna’ in Italian; in case you’re wondering. Although ‘Lasagnas’ is also acceptable. 😉

Enough chit-chat about grammar. Let us proceed to the top 4 lasagne you should try if you love a mouthful of beef and cheese.

#1 Bittersweet Cafe


For Years, Bittersweet Cafe has been one of my favorite dessert places in Dhaka. After introducing pasta however, it managed to work its way to become one of the best places for Italian savory dishes as well. Their lasagna, in my opinion, contains a near perfect cheese to meat ratio that will definitely make you want to go back there.

The cherry on top is the fact that their lasagna happens to be the ultimate ‘Value for Money lasagna’ in Dhaka.

Price: BDT 420 (+VAT)

#2 The Hangout @ Anannya Shopping Mall

The Hangout

It is said that the tastiest meals can be found in the most unexpected of places. The Hangout is one of the primary examples of that saying. This store is located on the ground floor of Anannya Shopping Mall at Baridhara DOHS and their menu portfolio contains almost any popular food item in Dhaka.

Their Italian menu in particular, is the one that sets them apart from every other food court stalls in Dhaka. Most of their Pastas, especially the lasagne are so creamy and cheese-filled, that if you’re a food enthusiast like me, you’ll shed some happy tears ” :’) ” after gobbling up a plateful.

Price: BDT 450

#3 Sbarro


It is evident that Sbarro reached its peak of popularity after their Ramadan offer of unlimited pizzas and rightfully so, because they do serve the cheesiest pizzas in town. When I tried their lasagna last week, I discovered that it did not focus on the cheese much. Their lasagne are centered more around the meat and tomato salsa which makes this dish very different from the other ones mentioned on this list.

However, I must warn you that if you’re looking for a traditional cheesy flavor, you shouldn’t go for this lasagna; this one calls for an acquired taste.

Price: BDT 380 (+VAT)

#4 Spaghetti Jazz

Spaghetti Jazz

Spaghetti Jazz branded itself as an upscale restaurant and offers a premium pricing for its customers. The ambiance is amazing with a panoramic view of the Gulshan 2 square along with Jazz inspired music on the background. Their lasagna is great; almost as good as the top 2 of this list. However, with Bittersweet cafe only two blocks away, it is Spaghetti Jazz’s ridiculously high end pricing that gets them some negative points for less ‘Value for Money’ and brings it down to #4 on my list.

To be fair I must add that every dish they serve tastes amazing and they try to prepare their food as close to authentic Italian as possible; so if price is not an issue to you, do give this place a visit.

Price: BDT 825 (+VAT)


THE PREVIOUS VERSION was called 5 best places to eat lasagna in Dhaka but I later decided to move the one on the no.5 position out of the list because I will review that particular restaurant later as a whole. I will include the lasagna review on that article.


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  1. Really surprised not to see Pizza Inn in the list. Had lasagna from there over 7 times I think and has always been a consistent experience.

  2. What are your thoughts on Bella Italia? I actually liked their lasagna better than both Sbarro and Bittersweet cafe’s

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