4 Most Appealing & Fulfilling Iftar Offers in Dhaka this Ramadan

Dhakaites are no strangers to the myriad of choices of Iftar packages offered by hundreds of restaurants every Ramadan. This time, with the high heat and long fasting hours, most of us cannot wait to dive in to some delicious iftar to satiate our hunger.

To aid the hungry Iftar seekers, I have decided to narrow down FOUR of the Iftar offers which I found quite appealing and fulfilling. I have decided to divide this list into TWO sections, each consisting of a couple of offers I found exciting:

  • Iftar Set Menus
  • All-You-Can-Eat Packages

The TWO Most Fulfilling Iftar ‘Set Menus’

The Iftar offers which give us a limited amount of items have a humongous responsibility of being fulfilling for the consumers, because they are competing with numerous other restaurants with buffet offers in competitive prices. Below, I have listed TWO of the most fulfilling Iftar Set Menu offerings this Ramadan:

Very Hungry Meal @ Nandos (For Two)

Very Hungry Meal @ Nandos

The Very Hungry Meal is an iftar set meal for two which includes 1/2 chicken, A Large bowl of Spicy Rice, 1 portion of Peri Peri Wedges (Regular), 1 portion of Coleslaw (Regular), Garlic Bread (Regular Portion), 2 Nandinos Mini Burgers, 2 Chicken Wings, 2 Sets of Brownie & Ice Cream. Apart from these, they will serve you some fresh fruits (including dates) and 2 bottles of water to break your fast. With the addition of their new sauce called Mango & Lime, this offer clicked for me.

The Unique Selling Proposition

Nandos in Dhaka usually offers a high price for its meals. If you order the exact same items on the set menu separately you will have to pay almost 500 taka more.

So if you LOVE Peri Peri Chicken, this Ramadan might be the perfect time to try Nandos’ set iftar offers.

Note: They also offer a platter for one and a platter for four.

Price: The price for the Very Hungry Meal (for 2 people) is BDT 1599 (+VAT)

Ramadan Bento @ Fools’ Diner

Ramadan Bento Box @ Fools’ Diner

Fools’ Diner is probably one of my favorite food joints in town. They also serve some of the most delicious meals in very diner friendly prices. The Ramadan Bento is basically a combination of some of their most beloved dishes.

The Bento Box includes Fried Rice, Teriyaki Chicken, 2 Chicken Crisps,  Lemon butter Fish, 3 pieces of Maki Roll, 3 pieces of Vietnamese Roll, 2 pieces of vegetable tempura, Iced Tea, A bowl of Clear Vegetable Soup, Dates, Three different types of Dips and one of my personal favorites: MANGO KULFI.

Mango Kulfi @ Fools’ Diner

The Unique Selling Proposition

This bento is simply an assembly of some of their most flavorful dishes. In the midst of all other Japanese restaurants in Dhaka with overpriced Sushi, Fools’ Diner makes sure their Maki Rolls and, in this case, the Vietnamese Rolls gives out a favorable value for money for their customers.

On top of that the MANGO KULFI is one of my favorite desserts in town in general.

Price: The Price for this Iftar Bento (for 1 Person) is BDT 875 (Including VAT)

The TWO Most Appealing ‘All-You-Can-Eat Iftar Offers’

It has become a tradition, especially for teens and young adults in Dhaka, to visit at least one ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ Iftar offers. Below, I have listed TWO of the packages, which I believe, are the MOST Appealing:

The Unlimited Pizza + Pasta + Drinks Offer @ Ci Gusta

Beef Pizza @ Ci Gusta

Ci Gusta in Dhaka, offers a wonderful buffet feast consisting of 4 different types of Pizzas, 2 different pasta dishes and soft drinks (with unlimited refills).

Why is the Offer Appealing?

Because while other Italian restaurants are offering simply all-you-can-eat Pizza offers, Ci Gusta goes a step further to offer 2 different types of Pastas (Chicken Alfredo & Spaghetti Bolognese) aside from their pizzas in a similar pricing structure.

Spaghetti Bolognese @ Ci Gusta

Price: The Price for this Unlimited Offer (for 1 person) is BDT 970 (including VAT)

End Time: The all-you-can-eat Pizzas, Pastas and Drinks will be served till 8:00 PM.

Buffet Iftar + Dinner @ Sultan’s Dine

Buffet at Sultan’s Dine

Sultan’s Dine offers a unique buffet set which includes: Kacchi Biryani, Morog Polao, Plain Polao, Chicken Roast, Beef Curry, Jali Kabab, Naan, Chapati, Jarda and other regular iftar items.

Why is the Offer Appealing?

Because you get to have unlimited Kacchi with as many pieces of ‘biryani-r aloo’ (potatoes) as you want & the Chicken Roast is as good as any good roast you have had at a local wedding party.

All-You-Can Eat Jarda @ Sultan’s Dine

Price: The Price for this Iftar Buffet (for 1 Person) is BDT 850 (Including VAT)

End Time: You can eat all you want at this buffet starting from iftar till 8:30 PM.

What are some of your favorite Iftar Offers this Ramadan? Tell me about them in the comments section…

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