6 MORE Burgers You Must Eat in Dhaka

Picking up where we left off in my 2015 article about the best burgers in Dhaka, the burger scene, since then, has grown significantly. Now, there are so many good burgers to choose from, it was pretty hard for me to narrow down to only six.

However, I did manage to enlist half a dozen of amazing burgers that I have had this year. They are listed (in no particular order) below:

# ‘Mr. Naga’ at Mr. Burger


Mr. Burger is one of the hottest new burger joints in Khilgaon. The Khilgaon area, has recently become a fast food hub, and the small burger place has turned into one of the top hangout spots for teens and young adults in this area. This is mainly because of their great burgers in a very economical pricing. The Mr. Naga burger has a great combination of Beef patty and cheese with a silky smooth yet super spicy blend of their signature hot Naga sauce.


Price: BDT 170 (US $2.1)

Other great burgers you can try at Mr.Burger:

  • Mr. Cheeseroom (BDT 190)
  • Mr. Cowboy (BDT 280)

# ‘Binge Beef’ at Chillox


If you’re up for a meaty feast, binge beef is the right burger for you. It contains 2 thick beef patties, each weighing 260 grams along with slices of chicken ham, smoked chicken and 3 slices of cheese.


Price: BDT 550 (US $6.8)

Other great burgers you can try at Chillox:

  • Smoky BBQ Cheese Beef/Chicken (BDT 180)
  • Beef/Chicken Cheese Blast (BDT 250)
  • Giganto Beef/Chicken (BDT 350)

# ‘Mini Burger’ at Shake-a-holic


The mini burgers at Shake-a-holic are perhaps one of the most popular items in Bailey Road right now. Every evening you’ll witness hundreds of customers standing in line to get a hold of these mini delights. Shake-a-holic is a takeaway burger joint. There’s no place to sit. You can either stand and have it among the bustling crowd or ask them to wrap the burgers in a silver foil for a takeaway.


Customers usually order a bunch of burgers to take home. Watching the expert chefs cook the burgers is quite a treat for the eyes. Huge amounts of marinated chicken and a large number of buns are placed on the grill and cooked to perfection.


Price: BDT 60 (US $0.75)


# ‘BBQ Chicken Supreme Burger’ at Chef’s Cuisine


Chef’s Cuisine brings out everything you love about a good burger and puts in all together in this amazing creation. This burger is stuffed with Barbecue Chicken, Cheese, Beef Bacon and their signature sauce.

The service at chef’s cuisine is great. It took them about 10 minutes to put together two burgers and serve it at our table.

Price: BDT 320 (US $4)


Other great burgers you can try at Chef’s Cuisine:

  • Happy Burger (BDT 220)
  • Naga Cheese Panic (BDT 210)

NOTE: The Shyamoli Square branch, remains closed on THURSDAYS. However, there is another branch in Banani, you can look it up on google maps for the exact location.


# ‘Special Chicken with Grilled Mushroom’ at Live Kitchen


As a mushroom lover, this burger ticks all the right boxes for me. The chicken was tender and juicy. The sauteed mushroom slices and caramelized onions on top of it gives it a playful texture. Each serving of the burger comes with fries which are quite good.


Price: BDT 250 (US $3.1)

Other great burgers you can try at Live Kitchen:

  • Cheesy Delight (BDT 250)
  • Beef Cheese BLT (BDT 250)


# ‘Chicago’s Big Fat Burger’ at Foodbook


A gigantic burger which includes 2 patties of beef, 4 slices of cheese, jalapeno, caramelized onions, beef bacon and more.


Price: BDT 563 (US $7)

Other great burgers you can try at Foodbook:

  • Super Cheesy Burger (BDT 318)
  • The Fallout Burger (BDT 446)
  • Bionic Burger (BDT 384)