Bela Sheshe Food Court: Why it’s the Best

Food Courts or Hawker Centers are quite popular all around Asia for their large variety of inexpensive food offerings. In Dhaka, most of the food courts are in one way or the other, linked with a large shopping mall or shopping area. In the past, the primary purpose of food courts in Bangladesh was to feed the hungry shoppers of that particular mall. However, due to the new wave of foodie culture among the Dhakaites, we now have a food court which is completely independent from any form of shopping mall/complex and its sole mission is to satiate the hunger and quench the thirst of the foodies of Dhaka.

I have been there a number of times and I believe it is currently the BEST food court in the country. Throughout the article I will provide my reasons behind reaching to this conclusion.

Reason#1: Each Stall is Unique

Unlike the other food courts where most of the stalls sell pretty much the same items, Bela Sheshe has specialized stalls to meet your cravings. Over the past few months of food tasting, FOUR of the stalls here caught my attention.


‘Hungry?’ is the Burger Joint of this food court. The first thing that should catch your attention before you even try out the burgers is the bold and rather uncommon names of each burger. The spiciest burger which includes the ‘Naga Chili’ as an ingredient is called the’Ex Wife’. Kudos to the owner of the store for his level of innovation.

The Menu at ‘Hungry?’

My favorite burger however, is the Tashu which includes pretty much everything I like in a burger. However, one negative critique at the moment for the store is the fact that they used to serve a small serving of Mashed potato (which was one of their USPs) with each burger but for some reason they decided not to continue that trend.

Tashu Burger @ Hungry?

Apart from the burgers, you can also order from a selection of Grilled fish, Chicken and Kebabs on a Stick at ‘Hungry?’.

Grilled Goodness @ ‘Hungry?’


I love this stall because it specializes in cooking Beef Brains!  When I say ‘specializes’ I don’t only mean the Brain Fry or Bhuna, but also a special Brain Kabab which has a Cutlet like shell with scrumptious ‘melt in your mouth’ Beef Brains inside. There is also a choice of barbecue chicken you can order from here, which tastes decent but if you visit this stall I would recommend the different beef brain based items above anything else.

Bosnian Roti, Brain Bhuna and Barbecue Chicken @ Upobhog

I have managed to capture a video of Upobhog’s expert chef cooking Brain Bhuna and serving it with his signature ‘Bosnian Roti’ which has the texture of a Naan Bread but tastes more like an oven baked bread from the bakery.

Sub Hub

Although the name of the stall Sub Hub suggests that you should order the Sub Sandwich, but I prefer the Sub Hub’s Potato Wedges more than anything. The wedges are exactly how I want them to be, crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The dipping sauce that comes with it serves as a perfect complement to this tasty snack.

Potato Wedges + Dip @ Sub Hub

I honestly find their Sub Sandwich as nothing special so I usually order the wedges to go with a nice juicy burger from ‘Hungry?’.


Chillers, in my opinion, is one of the top three places to grab a cold beverage in Dhaka. Its wide range of choices include Chocolate Cold Coffee, Oreo Shake, Kitkat Shake etc, but my two favorite drinks at Chillers are the Peanut Butter Shake and the Ferrero Rocher Shake.

Peanut Butter Shake @ Chillers

One of the main reasons for my liking Chillers is the economical prices they offer. The drinks are priced within a range of 70 to 180 taka while the quality of the drinks are at least as good as the luxury coffee/beverage places in Dhaka.

Other than my top four, you can also try the variety of juices from Juicy Juice, Momo & White Sauce Pasta from Momo Station which are also quite popular.

Reason#2: Hand-wash Facilities

Unlike almost all other food courts in Dhaka, Bela Sheshe Food Court provides hand washing facilities with liquid soap and sink for all its customers. This is absolutely necessary to maintain cleanliness for both the chefs and the consumers at the food court.


The last thing you want in your life is to have a juicy burger while spilling portions of sauce and mayo on your fingertips and not having any soap and water to clean up the mess afterwards. Vis-à-vis, other food courts like Shimanto Square and Bashundhara City don’t have hand-wash facilities; what you can do however is go all the way to the shopping mall washrooms where you’ll either get no soap or a bottle of dish-washing liquid filled with 95% water.

Reason#3: No Desperate Sellers

This one is actually linked with Reason#1. Because of the fact that all the stores have something unique to offer, you won’t find yourself in the midst of desperate sellers waving their menus at your face and asking you to come to their food stall. The luxury of walking around freely without any interruption is in and of itself a good reason to come to Bela Sheshe Food Court.


How to Get There

Finding the location of Bela Sheshe Food Court is pretty simple. It is located right infront of the Mirpur DOHS Gate.

Detailed direction:

Go northward from Mirpur 10 Circle > Take the first right after crossing Purobi Super Market and Enter Kalshi Road > When you reach the end of Kalshi Road turn left and keep going straight until you reach Mirpur DOHS gate and Bela Sheshe Food Court.

Or simply use Google Maps!


On an average, it is possible for two people to eat until they’re full and buy a couple of drinks from Chillers with their total cost being under BDT 900.

Opening Hours: 4:30 PM to 11:00 PM