Boat Noodle Alley

The boat noodle alley used to be a famous alleyway in Bangkok where they served noodle dishes from boats floating on the nearby canals. At present,  it has  transformed into a bunch of restaurants right beside the canal.

I had at least 10-12 bowls of beef noodle soup before I decided to call it a day, and trust me that’s not even close to what everyone else orders. The noodles are inexpensive (12 baht per bowl) which makes the boat noodle alley one of the most popular food joints to spend an afternoon.

Victory Monument & Boat Noodles (3)

You can choose the type of noodle when you order a bowl. Choices range from Egg Noodles, different types of Rice Noodles, Glass Noodles and Vermicelli. The noodle is then covered in a smokey spicy broth and a meatball of your choice is put on top of it.

I myself ordered every single choice of noodle available and then topped it with Beef balls, Vinegar, Spices and a incredibly flavorful dark broth.

Trust me, you cannot leave until you have at least 10 bowls of these spice filled treats.

How to Get There

You can take a taxi, tuktuk or BTS directly to Victory Monument. The Boat Noodle Alley is just a few blocks away. You have to walk through alleyways to find the place.


12 baht per bowl of noodles