Breakfast at Transfer Road, Penang, Malaysia

The Halal breakfast place at Transfer Road, also known as Roti Canai & Roti Bakar @ Jalan Transfer is an iconic establishment which caters to hundreds of tourists and locals with their highly popular, value-for-money breakfast.

Because of the overwhelming crowd during peak breakfast time, I woke up early at 6 at my Hotel in Batu Ferringhi and drove straight to Transfer Road to find hungry customers waiting for their pieces of Roti Canai in front of the restaurant. I ended up ordering four of theĀ  most popular dishes for my breakfast at Transfer Road.

Roti Canai

The breakfast place at Transfer Road is primarily known for its Roti Canai, a very popular form of flatbread, which originated in South India.

Roti Canai @ Transfer Road

Roti Bakar

Roti Bakar, literally means ‘Grilled/Toasted Bread’. Transfer Road’s version of Roti Bakar, as shown in the picture below, comes with a couple of soft boiled eggs on top.

Roti Bakar @ Transfer Road

Mutton Sambal Curry

The exquisite mutton curry with Penang’s signature Sambal Chili sauce is a perfect complement for the Roti Canai and the Roti Bakar, as you can simply dip the Roti in the gorgeous and spicy red mutton curry sauce.

Mutton Curry in Sambal Chili Sauce

Last but not the least, I present to you MY PERSONAL FAVORITE:

Aromatic Chicken Curry

The reason that this curry is my personal favorite is the fact that the blend of spices used in the curry sauce is not too spicy, neither is it too bland. The richness of the sauce, the balance of spices are spot on.

Aromatic Chicken Curry


Transfer Road is within a walking distance from most hotels within Georgetown, Penang. However, if you booked a Hotel outside Georgetown, like I did, you can take a taxi directly to Transfer Road, however, you should refer to the road to the taxi driver as ‘Jalan Transfer’ in order to avoid confusion.