Duck Noodles at Newton Food Centre

Newton Food Centre is a tourist favorite. Mainly because it offers delicious food in prices affordable for all, which is not the case for most food places in Singapore. The noodles were covered in a spicy broth and topped with pieces of tender duck breast. They also provided a whole lot of extra sauce which I really loved. I always love restaurants which are generous with their sauces.

To wash it down I ordered a Dragonfruit juice, which I couldn’t finish. Now don’t get me wrong, it tasted great but the texture was quite thick and I regret ordering the large portion. 13 There are plenty of other stalls at Newton Food Centre serving Hainanese cuisine which you must try. So on your visit to Singapore, you should definitely add Newton Food Centre to your itinerary.

How to Get There: During my backpacking trip to Singapore, I stayed at an inexpensive hotel near Little India and getting to Newton Food Centre was quite an easy task. You just need to hop on the nearest MRT and drop off at Newton MRT station. From there it’s only a 5 minute walk.