Hot Patties (হট পেটিস): Crispiest Street Snack in Dhaka

One of the most popular yet hugely understated street foods in Dhaka is the super crispy and spicy street treat, commonly known as ‘hot patties’.

What is It?


Hot Patties (হট পেটিস) is an extremely crispy and crumbly puff pastry with a spicy filling made from onions and chilies. It’s one of the most sought-after street food among pedestrians because vendors can usually be found sitting along the sidewalks of different points throughout Bangladesh.

Where to Find it


Look out for vendors carrying small tin boxes with ‘হট পেটিস’ written on the sides. Some of them will be sitting on the street-sides, while others will be on the move. It might be pretty hard to track them down. I personally used to spend a long time finding a hot patties vendor. I found that it was, as Murphy’s law would suggest, especially difficult to find when I craved for a piece.

However, over the past few years, I have spotted a few places in Dhaka where you are likely to find a seller with an airtight box selling these hot and crispy puffed goodies.

You will most likely find a seller at:

  • Dhaka University Gate near the Library in the Afternoon on Weekdays.
  • Near Gulshan 2 DCC Market around 4-5 pm (Everyday except Sunday)
  • The foot of the over-bridge near Labaid, Dhanmondi (Opposite to Arabian Fast Food)


The vendors usually carry these snacks in two different sizes, Large and Small.

The Large one will cost you 15 Taka (US $0.18) per piece

The Small one will cost you 10 Taka (US $0.12) per piece

Now it’s your turn

I couldn’t provide locations to all of the places where these snacks are available. So, please feel free to comment where you believe we can find more of these sellers. I will be sure to verify & include them in the list above.

1 thought on “Hot Patties (হট পেটিস): Crispiest Street Snack in Dhaka

  1. Thanks for holding the spotlight on one of my favorite street snacks. Brought back so many fond memories!

    I have always wondered why we never had these hot patties vendors in Chittagong. I have never seen one, and patties could only be bought from roadside bakeries like French bakery, the foodstalls in Central Plaza, Swiss etc. The prices in French bakery or Swiss were more at the upper end and would vary between 25-30 tk, The price might have changed now, since it has been a long time I had one from these places. However the ones we used to get in Central Plaza cost the same as the street ones.

    In Dhaka, I have seen one particular “mama” in the Sheora para/Ibrahimpur area. He would always pass my place on weekend afternoons. We would eagerly wait for his patties on those days. He had a very unique and funny way of calling “hot patties” :p I wonder if the vendors still scream “hot patties” these days like good old times.

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