Journey to find the Best ‘Ikan Bakar’ in KL

I have visited Malaysia a number of times and one of the most delicious Malay food items that I tried each time was ‘Ikan Bakar’, which is a grilled and roasted seafood dish. The dish is traditionally made by roasting seafood with different kinds of sauces, especially Soy sauce and Sambal Chili sauce.

The best ‘Ikan Bakar’ that I have had during my visits to Malaysia was in Jalan Bellamy. You can go there by taxi, but in KL, I prefer walking and/or catching a train because it’s more fun that way.

How to Get There

Depending on your location in KL you should embark on one or more train rides to end up at Tun Sambanthan monorail station. After you exit the station you should be able to see a bridge over a river called Sungai Klang. After walking yourself across the bridge you will see some stairs leading up to a forest. (see photos below)

(Left) The Bridge Over Klang River; (Right) Stairway to the Forest

Following the path through the forest you should be led to a road called Jalan Bellamy. Turning right at the end of this road will lead you to a series of Ikan Bakar restaurants. It is in these restaurants where, in my opinion, you can find the BEST Ikan Bakar in Malaysia.

Ikan Bakar Restaurants at Jalan Bellamy

The Food

All the walking made me extremely hungry so I had to order right away. The restaurants are packed with huge cooking stations full of roasted seafood wrapped in banana leaves and resting in Sambal chili sauce. The restaurant I went to had a variety of seafood to choose from; such as Tilapia, Stingray, Mackerel, Squid etc

Grilled and Roasted Tilapia, Squid and Stingray
More Ikan Bakar (Mackerel, Prawns etc)

Besides the Ikan Bakar, these restaurants also serve plain rice and different types of sides to complete the dish. The journey as well as the entire food adventure are definitely worth it and if you are planning to visit Malaysia to try out great local food, the Ikan Bakar at Jalan Bellamy would be perfect to add to your itinerary.


Depends on what you order, but it shouldn’t cost more than 15 ringitt (US $3.5) per person.

Selfie with the Head Chef