Nuhash Polli: A Photographic Journey

Nuhash Polli, now a serene picnic spot, was founded in 1987 by prolific writer and visionary filmmaker, the late Humayun Ahmed. Nuhash Polli was Humayun Ahmed’s private getaway spot where he used to spend most of the last years of his life. As a director, he used this heavenly location to shoot most of his movies and TV dramas.

During my visit to Nuhash Polli I have managed to capture a few photos which portray the legendary writer’s tasteful plan and design of a peaceful private sanctuary.

The late Humayun Ahmed’s Portrait resides beside the bungalow where he used to write most of his creative pieces of literature.
The appropriately named ‘Brishti Bilash’: a traditional little house with a tin rooftop where Ahmed used to sit and enjoy the rain.

Humayun Ahmed’s estate has a number of unique spots/activities which further shows his great aesthetic sense and attention to detail.

Tree House, located near ‘Brishty BIlash’
Giant Chessboard with movable chess pieces

Nuhash Polli also caters to hundreds of different species of trees & plants which he used to collect from different parts of the world.


The tranquil greenery of Nuhash Polli

Apart from the trees, Nuhash Polli is further decorated with beautiful sculptures, each of which has a story to tell of its own.

Ma o Shishu; A sculpture located near the entrance of Nuhash Polli
This sculpture of a little girl reading a book is located on the backyard of the main Bungalow
Mermaid; Placed appropriately on the small pond in the midst of the rare species of trees

The Larger pond (dighi) located in the north end of the site is called ‘Leelaboti’. A wooden bridge connects the shore to a tiny artificial island in the center of the pond.

‘Leelaboti’ Dighi.
Wooden Bridge Leading towards the Artificial Island at Leelaboti Dighi

How to Get There

Nuhash Polli is located in the district of Gazipur. You can hop on a bus from Gazipur Chowrasta and drop off at Hotapara bus stop. From there you can reach Nuhash Polli via a local CNG or Autorickshaw in a little more than half an hour.

Alternatively, you can travel directly to Nuhash Polli from Gazipur Chowrasta by Car in 45-50 minutes depending on traffic.


You will find a tea stall just outside the main entrance of Nuhash Polli where you must try a cup of whole milk (milk with shor/milk-fat) to energize yourself after walking through the entire site.