Sylhet-Srimangal Diaries: Top 4 Places to Eat

The Sylhet division, located in the North-East of Bangladesh caters to a large number of tourists throughout the year. The tourists are primarily attracted to the magnificent verdure of more than a hundred and fifty tea gardens in the region. Another thriving attraction for the travelers are the spacious and rather palatial resorts amidst of all the greenery which guarantees a heavenly experience for the visitors.

Amidst all the above attractions, the culinary delights of the region becomes rather ignored; which is a shame because Sylhet has some traditional and delicious meals to offer to its guests.

Below are my picks for the Top 4 places to Eat in Sylhet.

4. Manager Stall








Manager stall is located at Chowmohoni, Moulvibazar and is famous for its signature white sweets. The sweet item goes well with ‘Nimki’ or ‘Singara’ which are also available in the stall. The place can be tricky to find for first timers.

Operating Hours: 9 AM to 10 PM (Everyday)




3. Paanch Bhai (পাঁচ ভাই )

The legendary Paach Bhai restaurant is famous for its assortment of ‘Bhorta’s i.e. spicy mashed local delicacies. The restaurant went through renovations recently and has better sitting arrangements than before. The food is inexpensive and the delicious ‘bhorta’s with a plate of steamed rice is to die for.

Operating Hours: Open Everyday from 5:30 – Midnight (Closing time may vary depending on the availability of items)



2. Panshi Restaurant

Panshi restaurant, over the past decade has managed to grow into a popular chain of eateries all around the Sylhet divisions. The main branch is located in Zindabazar, Sylhet. There are also two other branches, one is in Moulvibazar City and the other in Srimangal. All of the outlets offer the exact same menu; however the one in Srimangal maintains a No Beef policy in its menu portfolio. I have had multiple meals in Panshi in my life, and I found its breakfast offering to be particularly appetizing. I used to live in Moulvibazar and in my personal opinion the top recommended items are noted below:

Top Recommended Item: Kala Bhuna with Parata for Breakfast, Rice with Boal Fish Curry, Fresh Grape Juice

Operating Hours: Open Everyday from 5:30 – Midnight (Closing time may vary depending on the availability of items)

Location Details (Main Branch)

1. Kutumbari Restaurant, Srimangal (শ্রীমঙ্গল)

Kutumbari restaurant is a MUST-visit for me, everytime I visit Srimangal. The large selection of curry items in Kutumbari not only taste good but they also happen to look appetizing. The serving portions are fulfilling and the different types of Naan are the perfect combination of flakiness and softness. Kutumbari, therefore, happens to be one of my most favorite restaurants in Bangladesh and it receives a well-deserved Top Spot on this list.

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM (Everyday)



What are your favorite places to eat in Sylhet? Let me know in the comments section.