The Longest Night Market in Kuala Lumpur at Taman Connaught

The 2km long Taman Connaught Night Market (Pasar Malam), perhaps the largest night market in entire Malaysia opens its gates after sunset on every Wednesday and lasts till Midnight. The entire market serves as a Street Food lover’s paradise. I was lucky enough to walk through the entire market, and document every food item that satisfied my palate.

Some of the items I liked are as follows:

Grilled Seafood

Grilled Whole Squid
Three Different Types of Grilled Oysters
Grilled Scallop Sticks

Vegetarian Popiah Rolled in Nori (Seaweed) Sheet

Sushi On-the-Go

Taman Connaught has an amazing collection of boxed ready to eat sushi and maki rolls of a wide variety of flavors which you can eat on the go, while strolling through the market.

Different Types of Sushi

Otak Otak

Otak Otak, a fish cake wrapped in Banana leaf and grilled to perfection is one of my favorite little take away snacks in South East Asia.

Otak Otak

Colorful Dimsums

Crystal Dumplings
Different Flavors of Steamed Dimsum

Meat on a Stick

No visit to a Malaysian Street Food Market can be complete without consuming a variety of meat/seafood on a stick.



Mini Tarts

Multiple stalls at the market sell a large collection of ready to eat tarts of a wide range of flavors starting from Chocolate, Oreo, Coffee to cream cheese and different kinds of fruits.



Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza)

A great fusion of Italian style Pizza toppings with the addition of Japanese Mayonnaise and Teriyaki Sauce.

The Japanese Pizza Stall
Okonomiyaki in a Takeaway Box

Japanese Sponge Cakes @ Cake Me Up Bakery

Cake Me Up Bakery is a popular food truck in Kuala Lumpur which serves soft sponge cakes which are absolute delights for your taste-buds. The truck sets up a stall at Taman Connaught Night Market every Wednesday.

If you’re too full to eat more than one cake, I would particularly recommend the plain Cheese Cake which is light and airy on the inside complemented by a cheesy crust on the outside.

Different Flavors of Cakes at Cake Me Up

China Burger

The stall called China Burger serves delicious eggy toasted burgers. The stall is extremely popular among locals and tourists alike..


Fried Stuff with Salted Egg Coating

This stall sells Fried Pumpkin, Squid and Chicken Fried in a Salted Eggy Batter
Fried Stuff in Salty Egg Batter

Potato Wedges Covered in Mayo and Cheese Sauce


To Sum it Up

The night market is HUGE and it’s impossible to eat the large variety of food it has to offer, this article is just a glimpse of my visit to the market. There are so many more interesting food items all around the place which I couldn’t try because I was already full. Such as, Coca cola fried chicken, Gold leaf Ice cream and of course:

Poké Ball shaped Steam Buns


How to Get There

Just take a taxi from Kuala Lumpur. The market is open only on Wednesdays and almost all taxi drivers know the exact location of the market. It takes approximately half an hour to reach the market by Taxi from the Jalan Ampang Area and around 45 minutes from Bukit Bintang.