T&K Seafood: One of the best Seafood Restaurants in Bangkok

Although there are quality seafood restaurants all around Bangkok, I particularly love T&K seafood because of its effervescent ambiance. It is located in Chinatown, Bangkok and the crowd surrounding this particular stall is quite huge. The smell of grilled seafood, garlic, lemon and chilies will make you livelier than ever. They have a huge menu portfolio and every single item looks too good to be true. The squid boiling in a hot lemon & garlic mixture is a must order.

Lemon & Garlic Squid

Of course there are more common items such as Grilled Prawns and Chilli Crab, but I like ordering the more exotic items. I loved their version of grilled Babylon Snails, Blood Cockles and Scallops. I have had bad cooking of shellfish in the past but here, all of the items were cooked to perfection.

Grilled Babylon Snails

Getting there is pretty simple, so I didn’t bother finding the address. Just take a taxi to Yaoworat (i.e. Chinatown, Bangkok) and you can easily notice the crowd lining up in front of T&K Seafood, which is open from evening to as late as 2 am.

Grilled Scallops (left) & Grilled Blood Cockles (right) with rice and hot sauce.