Top 5 Pizzas in Dhaka (2016)

After more than a thousand years since it was first baked in Italy, Pizza still remains as one of the most popular food items in the entire world. However in Dhaka, Bangladesh, traditional oven baked Pizzas have only started gaining popularity in the early 2000s.

As a Dhaka-ite in 2016, you might get confused about which Pizza to try out because nowadays you can find a pizza place around every corner and while many of these places DO serve great pizzas, some of them are genuinely BAD and greasy.

Being a foodie and living in Dhaka for a long time I have had my fair share of amazing as well as disastrous pizza experiences. In this article I have listed down My Personal Opinion regarding the Top Five Pizzas in Dhaka for the year 2016 in reverse order.

5. Cheese New Yorker Special @ Sbarro


Sbarro reached the peak of its popularity with their unlimited Pizza Slices offer during Ramadan. While many of the other “RENOWNED” chains were offering a bad serving of cheese to bread ratio, Sbarro rose to the occasion with heavenly slices of Pizza with a very thin layer of bread and a whole lot of cheese.

4. Seafood Pancrocchino @ Ci Gusta


Although, Ci Gusta, the Italian franchise is best known for its desserts, they do serve some of the very best thin crust Pizzas in Dhaka. If I were to list down the most authentic Italian Pizzas in Dhaka, this might have been at the top of the list, however since I am focusing more on the Taste factor, Ci Gusta falls a few places below the following cheese and meat filled treats. You must try the other Pizzas here as well, because each of them are quite unique.

3. Cheese Overloaded @ Westeros


Westeros manages to get into my Top Three because of its great value for money (charging only 700 taka for a 12 inch pizza), amazing service and above all: layer after layer of Mozzarella Cheese, making the Pizza worthy of its name.

2. Barcelona Mafia @ Barcode Cafe


The BEST Pizza in Chittagong falls only one place shy on my list. The Pizza has every quality of being the most perfect Pizza in town with generous portions of chicken, onion, chilli, roasted beef, cheese and tomato, I can’t think of a reason not to place it as high as number two when it comes to the BEST pizzas in Dhaka.

Honorable Mentions

Before revealing the Winner of my Top 5 Pizzas list, I want to reveal some of the Pizza places which are worth mentioning because of the value for money, quality and popularity among the Dhaka-ites. The five restaurants serving Pizza (among other items) in my honorable mentions list are:

  • Shwarma House
  • Pizza King
  • Bhooter Bari
  • The Mesquite Grill
  • Forchetta

1. Vegetarian’s Nightmare Reborn @ Pizza Guy


With a plethora of Meat in all different forms (sausages, chunks, pepperoni, meatballs), extra cheese and an amazing Name, this Pizza surely is my MOST favorite in Dhaka at the moment.

Do you agree with my Top 5? I want to know about your favorite Pizzas in Dhaka. Let me know about your top 5 in the comments section below.

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  1. Veni Vidi Vici should be in the list. At least it should be mentioned.I liked the Mesquite Grill’s pizza but i think the quality has fallen.

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